Rotation Resistant

Wisconsin Lifting Specialists offers a wide range of rotation resistant rope options for hoisting unguided loads with a single or multi-part line. In addition to standard rotation-resistant wire ropes in 19x7, 8x25, 19x19 and 10x19 strand configurations, three premium options are also available for in-stock delivery:
  • Dyform®-18 HSLR- This multi-layer, compacted strand rope also provides superior resistance to rotation, bending fatigue, abrasion, sheave and drum wear. A compacted strand design allows multi-reeving capabilities otherwise unavailable in rotation-resistant ropes.
  • Dyform®-34 LR is the strongest and most rotation-resistant wire rope in the industry, exceeding the specs of 18HSLR and designed for the most demanding hoisting applications.
  • WRCA Flex X9 offers exceptional resistance to drum crushing, nicking and scrubbing, while delivering superior strength, flexibility and resistance to rotation and abrasion. An ideal product to address rope tension issues in crane boom hoists.